Problems Men have during Wamlambez session

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Welcome to Kenya, where it starts raining people think of sex instead of farming. It is has been a cold weekend and we as Kenyans  know what this weather means, heavy rains……no no no, I got that wrong, it means heavy heavy amounts of sex and ask anyone, go to Twitter, Facebook, you will rarely see memes regarding rains but what has flooded there is memes of cuffing (coupling, dating, in a relationship) that is what it means, let me get you in the loop. Left, right and center is just about sex and that being said, the bar for sex has been set quite high, so gents take a good read as this might just save your ailing sex life.

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An enormous amount of resources has been devoted to helping men crack the code that is cunnilingus , books have been published, videos made, internet guides compiled. The advice has been rehashed, recycled and reiterated. So if you’re an amateur, I’m not going to belabor points that have already been made a million times.

But I will still troubleshoot eating p*#& for you. Because despite the wealth of knowledge available, even self-proclaimed ‘cat-eaters’ who have this particular set of skills struggle when heading down below face first. One big challenge is getting air to breathe. You feel like when she’s close, it’s a battle between getting her off versus getting some air. Come on, you don’t have to be a Kenya Navy expert diver to go downtown. If she can breathe with a penis in her mouth, you can figure it out with yours on a vagina.

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In my opinion, men who are having a hard time getting enough air are doing so because they’re breathing through their mouth in order to avoid the smell.

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The hardest thing about cunnilingus is how long it can take and how tired my tongue gets. Sometimes it seems like it can happen right away. Other times it feels like in 30 minutes. As far as tongue fatigue goes, you can avoid that later by spending more time teasing us earlier. Spend a minimum of 20 minutes sucking/kissing/licking the panty line. Breathing the hottest breath through the panties. Then long licks, slowly working their way into the inner folds, spreading legs wide.

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That’s followed by more teasing and hot breath on her lips. Wet your fingertips and start at the bottom, as if there were three tongues, then flatten your tongue and concentrate on making it as wide and luscious as humanly possible. It’s the slowest lick she will ever feel.

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