How low income earners in Nairobi save on lunch

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The cost of living is high in Kenya. It is even more costly to live in Nairobi. The Economist Intelligence Unit Worldwide Cost Of Living Survey ranked Kenya’s capital as the most expensive in Africa.

Worldwide Nairobi has been ranked as the 104th most expensive city.

Various factors that contribute to the high cost of living include inflation and appreciation rate of property.

A low salaried person in Nairobi may not be able to afford lunch take outs every day .

Here are 3 ways the public do in order to save on lunch money.

This includes:

  • Heavy breakfast

Some employees have sworn to taking heavy breakfast before they leave for the office. One eats a proper meal like ugali/ rice and stew instead of tea and they are able to be full the entire day without taking lunch.

  • Carrying home cooked food

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A section of people carry last night’s food and warm it in the office’s microwave  to be eaten for lunch. All they ensure is to prepare excess food during supper and carry remaining for lunch.

  • Buying snacks

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A good number of nairobian’s buy snacks like mandazi, ngwaci, burns, scones, biscuits , samosa’s to eat with tea provided at their working places.

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