Ringtone: Don’t blame God if you become sick

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Self-proclaimed Chairman of Gospel industry Ringtone Apoko has urged fans to join him in working out.

Ringtone has been doing exercises by jogging around the perimeters of Karura forest which is adjacent to his Runda home.


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The ‘Zoea kupigwa mawe’ hitmaker asked his fans not blame anyone if the fell sick because of not getting involved in such exercises.

Ringtone has been trending for a better part of this month after he announced the search for a wife. He has been single for the longest time and has never introduced a girlfriend.

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Last week, he went to Olive Gardens church with his Legio Maria outfit trying to pray and fast for a miracle of a wife.

However, his fans mocked him and asked him to get serious and mingle with people and in that way, he will secure one.

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from the look of his social media, Ringtone is one lonely celebrity and his stunts might be among the traits keeping ladies away from him.

Fast forward, he is getting fit, perhaps to get ladies’ attention. Through his Instagram, he shared a video while jogging and asked fans to emulate him.

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Please wake up and do something. Don’t blame God if you get sick for not working out. It is all on you. Don’t blame my God, he gave you everything.

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