Disgruntled Kenya’s Sevens Presents Only Two Requests to Rugby Officials Amid Relegation Fears

Did you know why the Kenya Rugby Sevens are delivering dismal performance recently?

Well, the truth has finally been revealed. We remember how our Rugby team was once the pride of our great nation, Kenya. In fact, it was the pride of Africa.

Kenya’s Sevens even got sponsored by Kenya Airways; The pride of Africa. Who doesn’t know this!

A little bit about Kenya national rugby sevens team.

The Kenya national rugby sevens team competes in the World Rugby Sevens Series, Rugby World Cup Sevens and the Commonwealth Games. They are currently one of the 15 “core teams” of the World Series, with a guaranteed place in all ten events each season.

We can also remember that the sevens team recorded its first tournament win in the World Rugby Sevens Series after thrashing Fiji at the 2016 Singapore Sevens. The rugby team has also been successful in the Rugby World Cup Sevens, reaching the semifinals in 2009 and again in 2013.

Sadly enough, our glory has quickly faded and we stand the risk of biting the dust.

Why? Our rugby sevens will be undergoing a litmus test in the final two legs of the World Sevens Series, as from Saturday at Twickenham.

The sevens team will be fighting to keep themselves in the tournament next season. If they fail to make it, we’ll suffer the full implications of relegation.

According to former Kenya Sevens coach Benjamin Ayimba, lack of preparation is what has hurt the sevens team. “Failure to plan is planning to fail and I guess we are all seeing the results.”

But what could have caused all these messes?

At the beginning of this year, there were a lot of uproar from sevens rugby players. We had the cases of players boycotting the training as they cried foul for poor payment and salary cut. This made some of the senior players like Collins Injera, Willy Ambaka and Billy Odhiambo opting out of the side.

In short, Shujaa have experienced a shambolic season when compared to last season where they bagged their highest points tally of 104 under Innocent Simiyu.

A number of Kenyan Sevens players are boycotting their union

And Willy Ambaka now gives the cause of all these. On his Twitter handle, Ambaka has stated the pathetic kind of a lifestyle they sevens players are undergoing.

Ambaka, who had opted out of the team expressed his sympathy for the players who are currently wearing the sevens shirt at Twickenham.

The disgusted rugby player went ahead to expose the sorry state of the facilities that they are using to train for important international duties.

Ambaka was seconded by former sevens player Dennis Ombachi, who also expressed his displeasure with the Kenya Rugby Union officials (KRU).

Willy, who seems to be fighting for the rights of sevens players further encouraged the rugby players to stop keeping quiet but to stand out strong for their rights. Ambaka has given only two requests to the officials of the Kenya Rugby Union; respect and good working condition.

Way forward?

A quick solution is needed for the sake of the sevens team’s core status. If only the national government can intervene and act towards the players’ plea, then we can rest assured that the sevens team can claim back their quickly fading glory.


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