3 Perfect gifts for your Bae that prove its the Thought that counts and not The Cost

birthday gifts for your boo, gifts for him, birthday giftsGetting a guy a gift is completely hard. Often we end up picking the same things i.e. watches, colognes, a pair of extrememly good-looking shoes, along with the kawaida treats of food and booze and of course some good bed action at the end of the day.

It only becomes extra hard work especially if the birthday falls at the wrong time of the month, when you are broke AF only money left are some few coins. So there you are, no money no birthday gift and no alternatives whatsoever.

There are some few things you can do for him that will not be too strenuous to the pocket and will make him feel special on his special day. If there is one thing that ladies need to remember when getting a man a gift is that, men are practical. Flowers won’t really do the trick, but a penknife or a wallet would.

Here are some few incredible ideas that are bound to make him feel all kinds of nice.

Dinner date at home
birthday gifts for your boo, gifts for him, birthday gifts

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! What better way to get to his heart than to go the traditional way and cook up a nice meal for him. You can look up recipes that are not too complicated, that should do the trick. Perhaps something that includes chicken or some grilled steak with some roast potatoes or rice. Then you top it up with you as the dessert. The night needs to end on a high note!

 A DIY picture frame
birthday gifts for your boo, gifts for him, birthday gifts

Handmade crafts are just the best, simply because this is something that you thought, designed and put some time into it to make it as perfect as it should be. For the picture, you can rummage through your gallery and look for some throwback pictures that you took together. The frame could be made out of a cardboard, or a colourful manila paper, with some petals for decoration. You could look up sites and get more ideas on how to make frames from simple items you can get in the house.

A scrapbook
birthday gifts for your boo, gifts for him, birthday gifts

This is the easiest and simple of things to do to put a smile on his face. Gather up some childhood pictures of him, his friends, family and of course the two of you. Arrange those pictures in a chronological order so that as he goes through them, he would experience some nostalgia. Make sure you get pictures of him, preferably when he was doing something fun with his buddies. A slideshow could also do the trick if printing seems to be a lot of work.

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