Kanze Dena reveals government’s plan for unemployed youths

The issue of unemployment among Kenyan youths has been a problem that has lasted for long. Efforts to fight it ends up ion the hands of a few corrupt leaders and Kenyans. But what is the government’s solution towards this?

State house spokesperson Kanze Dena has hinted at government’s plan to help the youths get out of this problem.

Speaking in an interview on Ghetto radio on Wednesday morning, the former Citizen Tv journalist said that there are a number of opportunities for the youth in the country. She said the Government is emphasizing on technical training to ensure the youth have the skills required for various jobs.

She further cited that there are various projects the Government is undertaking under President Uhuru Kenyatta’s big four agenda across the country.

These projects, Ms Dena said require skilled labor where Kenyan youth can get job opportunities, even as the Government works on a long term solution.

The Government is also creating a database through the National Employment Authority where the youth can register so that they can be linked up with jobs that fit their profiles whenever these jobs come up.

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