Hamisa Mobetto Planning To Buy A new House- Haters Silenced

Image result for Hamisa mobetto moves out of Diamond houseDiamond Platinum’z Baby Mama Hamisa Mobetto has been trending, and all for the wrong reasons. people have been speculating that she is going through a financial crisis.

This came after it was alleged that she moved from her palatial mansion after being unable to raise the monthly rent. Gossip sites reported the story like this;

Hamisa’s house has been put up for rental after she failed to raise money for her monthly rent.

The house in the subject is the one that Hamisa was gifted by Diamond Platinumz after she won a court case against Diamond on Child Care.

However, clear reports have emerged when a close source to Hamisa Mobetto revealed that she moved out of the said house a long time ago, and she is living comfortably in a different house.

The person who is an auctioneer revealed that Hamisa is planning to buy herself a house; This is happening when people have speculated a lot

Here is the video


This happens after Hamisa has been trolled and insulted over social media by Zaris close friends. At some point, Zari accused Hamisa of not being smart enough.

In all the speculations and hullabaloos and controversies surrounding Hamisa, she chose to remain silent over the same, letting haters wander around her past when she has already made substantial steps ahead.


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