Study shows that you can lose weight badly if you leave your husband

On top of what you already know as love can do, just add that it can make a couple gain weight.

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A recently published research at the University of North Carolina, a happy couple have what it takes to add weight, and it happens exactly that.

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The research involved putting under study more that 8000 people and found out that at least  years in happy marriage can give a woman 10.8 kgs more weight.

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Women who are not married but lived with their partners gained about 11kg and women who left their partners had gained less than 7kg.

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For men, weight comes when they are exiting single hood. In relationship that has been sustained for long, weight gaining was found to be just inevitable.

In a related research, newly married couples take little time to gain weight where the addition of weight is a positive parameter for happiness in marriage.

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According to another study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, weight gain by one partner directly affects the other to gain weight by 37%.

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To put the study in context, social environment and the habits of couples were founds as the surrounding factors of weight gain among couples. Spending time together for happy couples was a precursor for gain weight which is rare for unhappy couples.



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