How A Simple Infected Shaving Razor Brought A Marriage Breakdown

A young lady has revealed that she is the cause of her parents break up, not that she slept with  her dad (she wouldný even think about it) but by simply using her dad’s razor.

The conflict all began when her parents disapproved of sex before marriage, and the university student in question being sexually active.

She’s worried she’s inadvertently given her dad herpes after using his razor.

It happened during her third year, she comes home for the Christmas holidays. Aboy she was crushing on was going to a party that she was going.

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She really wanted to go down with the boy so she prepared herself by getting herself cleaned and since she had ran out of razors she used her dad’s which she accidentally cut herself.

She did not dispose of the razor and she went to the party. A couple of months later, she gets a hysterical Skype call from her mum, who drops the bombshell that she’s leaving her dad and they’re getting a divorce.

“I FaceTime my dad. He answers and his face is covered in a rash. He’s telling me he has herpes, but he never cheated and has no idea how this happened. We talk for awhile and I’m confused and mad and don’t know what to believe.”


Two weeks later, she suddenly wonders if she’s responsible for her dad contracting herpes. She says her research has shown her it could be possible.

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