REVEALED! Here’s when Maina Kageni will get married

Maina Kageni Finally Reveals Why He Won’t Get Married

The celebrated radio personality recently responded to Mwalimu King’ang’i on their morning show at Classic 105on when he’ll get married.

According to King’ang’i, married men go through a lot and Maina should never pretend to understand, unless he decides to get married and have a first-hand experience of how marriage really is.

In response, Maina said he’s not falling to the trap. He says;

“From what you keep telling me do you think I will get married? I see the hell you are all going through. One of this days we should actually discuss what the real importance of marriage is.”

This will certainly come as a disappointment to many of his fans as they have been waiting for wedding bells for too long. Whether Maina will one day get married is something only time will tell.

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