Murang’a man who curved road on hill for neighbors gets his career secured

Tenda Wema nenda zako! You lose nothing in being a decent human being. That’s the lesson to be learnt from this heroic Murang’a man who put the needs of his community before his own and got to work in making their lives easier.

Blessings have befallen Muchemi Kamau who stunned Kenyans by carving road through hill to save villagers agony of long route.

He met ABC Bank top management on Thursday, May 15 who presented him with a myriad of gifts.

He will now be a proud owner of grade cow courtesy of the financial institution who offered to buy him as a token of appreciation of his community work.

Home feeds will be taken care of by the bank for six months. Besides this, the money lender also pledged to partner with a local Sacco with a view to enlisting him so that he can save his milk earnings and therefore create a sustainable path for him.

Muchemi was presented with a donation of household shopping from the ABC bank staff in recognition of his efforts in making a difference in his community.

Other companies have such as roofing sheet maker Rhino Mabati Company also delivered several sheets for the cow shed.

Kenyans were not left behind as a number contributed little they had towards buying a second cow which has since been delivered. Other household items such bedding, electricity connection to his home among others are some of the pledges he is expecting in due course.

Doing good does pay, especially when you’re doing it for good reasons expecting nothing in return. Helping your nighbor in any way is a good enough return on investment, whichever way you choose to look at it. This should serve as a lesson and inspiration to many.



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