Alai Sends DCI into a wild Goose Chase and It’s Not Funny

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Controversial blogger Robert Alai Monday sent officers into a wild goose chase after ‘volunteering to share confidential information which would have helped the DCI develop a case.

In an early morning tweet, Alai, who boasts some 1.2 million Twitter followers, said he has evidence implicating a senior KRA manager.

This followed a sting operation where sleuths drawn from the DCI posed as interns, nabbing scores of KRA officials at the taxman headquarters at the Times Towers.

DCI would later welcome Alai to their DCI headquarters along Kiambu Road, where the DCI headquarters are.

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Currently, the DCI is expecting some 48 KRA officials who are believed to have evaded arrest on Friday.

Alai would later get back to the DCI asking them to Message him the mobile number of the specific CID he was to see while at the station.

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While the DCI swiftly responded and sent a landline number, Alai was nowhere satisfied. He probably wanted a personal cellphone number.

After sharing the DCI landline number with his Twitter followers, Alai was adamant he wanted the personal number of a CID officer, and he wasn’t ready to get anything short of that.

But the DCI would not budge. Instead, they repeated the same message over and over, advising the blogger to visit their offices at Kiambu Road.

Alai would later say the DCI offices are big, and that he needed more specific people to talk to.

At some point, he even alleged the DCI was colluding with the criminals to perpetuate corruption.

The DCI knew they had nothing new to offer and Alai was quickly getting under their skin with his arrogance.

Alai was back to square one after the DCI’s clarification, seeking to be given a CID’s personal number.

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