“I ain’t gotta fvck an established artist, for fame” BeyT attacks Tanasha Donna

Upcoming Kenyan Artiste BeyT has attacked Tanasha Donna implying that her fame is sexually transmitted.

“I ain’t gotta fuck an established artist, or use a social media platform to get my name known. My music does and will continue to do that on its own. I don’t want or need her clout” she wrote in her post

The two artists Tanasha and BeyT engaged in a war of words after Bey T claimed that Tanasha is riding on her phrase ‘Kenya to the world’

BeyT was attacked by online trolls as some were disappointed by her fueling beef over a very lame reason.

The Singer hinted on dropping a diss track soon and warned Tanasha that she is the real fire.

The ‘Radio’ hitmaker was taken by surprise by this sudden attack and she feels that it is based on hatred and nothing worth arguing about.

Tanasha say that this seems to be the reason why Kenyan artists do not progress because they tend to attack their own instead of supporting each other.

In a recent interview, Tanasha had given the Wasafi crew credit for promoting and supporting her music and she says she cannot deny the fact that Diamond has played a key role in boosting her platform.

Despite that she is confident that she is doing an incredible job and simply giving life to a passion that she has always had growing up.

Some have advised BeyT to focus on her music instead of judging Tanasha or acting like she wants to use Tanasha’s name to boost her songs.

Others have however sided with her even encouraging her to drop a diss track which she says she will.


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okay but y do I always get 💣 flics when I’m dressed the most casual 😪

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Here is what Kenyans feel about this BeyT-Tanasha beef


@faysflow she has no receipts. She wants to boost her song using Tanasha’s name.


Let me get this straight,the beef is about using the phrase “Kenya to the World “???????? Let me go and sleep,I’m TAYAD!!!!!


@empressmaia254 you know if I were tanasha I would sue her. Kenya is a free nation and she has not patented that name. So what if diamond and Tanzanians are supporting her. Let her leave tanasha alone coz there is no other way to explain this. If she wanted fame let her not lie coz u can’t deny tanasha is currently well known in East Africa


Niggas been pushing Kenyan ish to the world probably since before we were all born lol..quit cappin n tryna act like you created that wave…if that’s what you tryna say…


👏👏👏👏 @yungbeyt We want a Diss track yo!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


@tanashadonna you’re tryna start smoke with someone who’s younger than you and is making moves, WHO THE FUCK WERE YOU BEFORE DIAMOND? WHO? 👀👀👀👀👀👀 *sips the tea*

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