Why 80% of Governors will find themselves in jail

Do you still have 100% trust in your governor? Are you safe with your money being in their hands? Well, several governors have been got up in a budget mess in the financial year 2017/2018.

The exposure came first when Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu appeared before the senate committee to respond to his Ksh 2.5 billion budget query.

It emerged that his government had allocated money to non-devolved units, with state house allocation and South Sudan shocking Kenyans.

However, it later emerged that such a budget was not only with Waititu, but also other eight governors.

This saw the Council of Governors make a request to the Senate to suspend summons for governors over audit concerns.

Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has in return fired a warning at the CoG.

Ole Kina stated that the Senate does not take orders from anyone adding that its mandate is ensuring that all county bosses are accountable to the people of Kenya.

He reminded the governors who are accounting officers of their respective counties that, as Senate, they play their oversight role as stipulated by law noting that they have to let the people of Kenya have facts about the audit queries raised.

“The Council of Governors should be reminded that the Senate is an oversight body that does not take orders from anyone! Kenyans must know the truth on how their money is being spent!” he posted.

The Narok Senator reiterated that the “Article 226(5) will send 80% of them (governors) to jail for corruption,”

Article 226 (5) states that “If the holder of a public office including a political office, directs or approves the use of public funds contrary to law or instructions, the person is liable for any loss arising from that use and shall make good the loss, whether the person remains the holder of the office or not.”

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