‘Rongai 30!’ Kenyans Filmed Touting in Europe (Video)

Kenyans touting in europe

There is a video circulating on social media which shows two Kenyans touting at a bus station in one of the European countries.

The two cheeky Kenyans are heard shouting, ‘Rongai thirty, wawili Rongai thirty’ as they escort passengers into the bus just like touts do it in Kenya.

In the video, the passengers, mostly white and of Asian origin look confused but somehow find the funny side of it as they board the awaiting bus.

It is safe to say that matatu culture has officially gone global!!

Watch the video below.

‘Ma Dondaa Wa Rongai😂😂😂😂 Wako Pale Majuu😂😂😂💯’

Amused Kenyans had something to say;

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