NOSTALGIC: TV Soap Operas Banned from Children in Kenyan Households

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Back in the day, when we heard certain songs from a particular show and especially at night it meant it’s time to go bed REAL QUICK.

And if you dared to stay behind you would be quickly chased out of the living room… with an Ass Whooping of course.

Our parents had no idea we secretly watched these shows too.Don’t you just miss the good old days?

What stands out most however is the soap opera era. That was the only time your mother held on to the remote and ordered everyone silent while your father slowly stewed in anger. From the mid 80s to early 2000s, soap operas were predominant on most TV channels around the world. Although we were limited to only three TV stations, KTN, KBC and Nation TV kept us in the loop.

The drama, twists and turns and the fantasy of everlasting love kept us glued to these programs. Though new soaps air on our screens nowadays, the effect is not the same as it used to be. In our memories, we will always have these:

1. Escrava Isaura
2. The rich also cry
3.Santa Barbara
4.The Bold and the Beautiful
4. Maria de Los Angeles
5. La Revancha/The Revenge
6. Esmeralda
7. Cuando Seas Mia/When You Were Mine
8.La Usurpadora/Deception
9. Todo Sobre Camila

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