Living with In-Laws is a bad pre-marriage idea

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They say it right you do not marry a man, you marry his entire family. Your life takes a turn after tying the knot and you don’t just adjust with your partner, but also with his parents to make the relationship work.

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It has always been a debatable subject whether staying with in-laws help to improve the marriage or makes it worse? We asked this question to seven married women and here’s what they said.

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Living with in-laws has its own pros and cons. In-laws are nice people and one should genuinely respect them. They are quite supportive but the relationship you share with them is really fragile. You have to think twice before speaking anything in front of them and have to seek their permission before heading out anywhere.

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You will always have this apprehension ‘what would they think’ even if you are doing grocery shopping and honestly, have to make adjustments for the smallest matters.

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