Surviving the Kenyan Economy with 30k Salary

There is nothing as exciting as getting your first Salary especially if it’s from a job you worked hard to get.

We tend to think of how we will move out, pay bills and furnish our houses but then the grim reality hits us in different way. We start thinking of how to manage life on a budget and it just gets frustrating and even scary. But we need to learn to live life and if you’re earning 30k hopefully this article will help you.

1. Get a cheap house for 7k 

It doesn’t make sense to move into a place that is more expensive than 7k. Get a bedsitter around Roysambu, Kahawa West, Ngumo, Donholm or Buru Buru. You have many options and since you have to start from somewhere this would be the perfect way to start off.

how to manage a 30k salary
2. Food should cost 4k

Food is one of the most expensive needs we use money on. Buy food like githeri, beans and other cereals that have been boiled. Carry food to work and have a menu that will make sense for your budget.

how to manage a 30k salary
3. Shopping should be 3k

Shopping should include things like detergents, tissue,pads and dry food like flour and rice.

how manage a 30k salary
4. Transport should cost 5k 

If you want to cut back on transport then you should walk if you get the chance to. Use matatu’s but if you take another matatu that will just take 5 minutes to reach your place it means you can walk to your place as long as it’s not late and your area is safe.

how to manage a 30k salary
5. Use 7k for personal use

This covers your hair which you can wash at home and go to the salon for a dry set or just leave it. The rest should cover your leisure and things like airtime plus meet ups with friends. It really depends on what you value the most.

how to manage 30k salary
6. Save 3k

At the end of the year you will have 36k if you save 3k for 12 months and you could get a side hustle that will boost your finances.

how to manage 30k salary

There is no salary that is not manageable, at the end of the day you are the one to decide what matters to you and live responsibly. The number one rule is to live within your means and work your way up, never be comfortable with what you have.

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