What you need to know about Signing Job Contracts in Kenya

Congratulations!! In this Kenyan market getting an interview let alone a job offer is hard enough. Now that you nailed the interview and got the job, it’s important you know what your getting and what is expected of you.

When you get a job offer, it is so easy to get caught up in the excitement that you forget to get clarity. So before signing on the dotted line make sure you have a conversation on the following with the HR representative.

Job expectations and responsibilities

Ensure what is expected of you is clear, your role and responsibilities are outlined. This is to protect you in case, later on, they begin to question whether you’re doing all that is required of you. It will also be great to use when you want to negotiate for more salary because you can be able to show that you’re doing more than what was initially expected of you.


First, negotiate your pay or at least find out if its negotiable, and also whether they’re any bonuses that come in addition to your initial payment.


Find out how many days you’re allowed, if they are not all spent can they be carried over to the next year, how far in advance do you have to book time off and if there are days that you cannot take off and the reasons as to why.


Your job might have perks that come with it from medical cover or the flexibility of working from home to paying for training. Finding out such information can help balance everything out if the initial pay isn’t as attractive as you hoped.

After this is clear then you can sign on the dotted line and start out in your new position.

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