The Top Nyama Choma Joints to Take Your Friends and Family This Labour Day!!

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Nairobi is no doubt the center of the most mouth-watering nyam choma delicacies in the country.

In Swahili, nyama choma refers to roasted meat. It is a savored delicacy that is mostly shared between friends and family and is a favorite especially on holidays.

It is mostly accompanied with Ugali, mukimo, kachumbari, and a dash of red and green pepper to ignite the fires within!

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And who can forget a classic Kenyan beer to wash it down? Preferrably a Tusker or Pilsner.

So if you’re looking for a place to take family and friends for a tasty nyama choma treat in the country, here are the top places to try out!

Ole Polos

There’s no debating that this restaurant tops the list of having the finest goat meat in the city.

In fact, a majority of revelers come to Ole Polos to sample the sweetness of locally bred goats that feed on the most natural vegetation in the country!


Located in South B, this Choma joint comes second in the list and serves revellers along Mombasa Road justice to sample some of the tasties goat and cow meat in the country.

RoadHouse Grill in Caledonia, Kilimani

If you’re looking for the best beers and complimentary assortements to eat your nyama choma with, then this is the best place to go; especially if you live around the ngong road and kilimani areas!

Bavaria Gardens -Westlands

The nyama choma is great and the ambiance is quite a sight for sore-eyes. It’s great especially if you’re with family.


Njuguna’s should be considered a national treasure, being that it has been around for quite a while now. It is based right on the Highway and in the proximity of an informal setting.

Nevertheless, the meat is exquisite and has been like that for quite a number of years!

If you would like to know how to roast nyama choma in your backyard, here’s a detailed video on how to do so:

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