Relationship Expert Exposes Kenyan Men’s Hidden Secret

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Sex and relationships expert Gertrude Mungai was on fire recently. This time claiming that men who tend to cheat are poor bed performers.

Getrude is known for her advice when it comes to bedroom matters and this time she talks about why women should learn to love and embrace themselves.

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According to Getrude, the only way to do this is by being a one stop shop.

According to Getrude, one needs to enjoy life to the fullest when they become a one stop shop.

Here is what she told the ladies: “You are his wife, his lover and his slut at the same time and enjoying yourself while at it. Side chicks are paid to do what they do to married men is nothing that comes for free.”

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Men also pay for everything the free massages’ the explosive bedroom performances among other things.

Furthermore men are usually under pressure to perform that is why most of them cannot give their wives conjugal rites.

She added: Most men go to meet their side chicks while at their best but if they were to live together for one year their perspective on each other would be very different.

So what is your opinion about the above statement by Getrude? Do you agree with her?

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