Drone technology is slowly but surely being embraced in the health care system. For the first time ever, a kidney has successfully been delivered by drone, marking a major milestone for organ transplants.

The fascinating delivery was co-ordinated by AiRXOS and the University of Maryland, and saw the kidney flown 2.6 miles over Baltimore.

Amazingly, the delivery began at 01:00am, before the kidney was transplanted into a patient at 05:00am.

Ken Stewart, CEO at AiRXOS, said: “AiRXOS is honoured to have taken part in this landmark moment in medical and aviation history.

“This flight demonstrated how air mobility can transform the delivery of medical care in ways that can have significant impact on lives. It lays the foundation for future advanced drone operations.”

While organs are currently transplanted by commercial aircraft or charter flights, drones could open the door for faster and more efficient deliveries.

In transit, organs have a limited window of time in which they can be chilled and still have blood supply restored.

A statement about the delivery explained: “For sensitive medical deliveries, reducing the amount of travel time in urban settings, as well as vibration during travel can help lead to better outcomes.”

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