The 5 Dumbest Things Tanasha Donna Has Done So Far!

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Tanasha Donna has been in the media of late, and its no surprise.

She’s been making some pretty serious mistakes with her publicity.

Unfortunately, it’s tarnishing her image and it’s only a matter of time before the bad karma starts affecting her life.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled the 5 biggest errors that might just cost Tanasha her flourishing media career!

Dating Diamond

Let’s face it; dating diamond is career suicide. Just ask the likes of Zari and Hamisa, whose careers experienced a serious dip a few months after Diamond started dating them.

Diamond is the proverbial playboy of East Africa. And he seems to prey on young unsuspecting female personalities who have a weakness for soft words.

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Ever since Tanasha started dating him, she has been involved in a series of scandals that are just ruining her wholesome image.

Calling Nick Mutuma’s Junk ‘Small’

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This did not go well with Nick Mutuma fanatics, who were quick to lash out on her.

Yes, Nick was your ex, but did you have to embarrass him in public like that?

It’s only a matter of time before she finds herself a subject of verbal abuse after Diamond breaks up with her.

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And we’re pretty sure Nick will enjoy every second of it.

Riding On Diamond’s Fame to Release A Song

So Tanasha plans to release a song on Monday. But let’s be real, do we even know if she has any singing talent or not?

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Yes, she’s a great radio presenter, we can’t lie. But just because Diamond is her hubby doesn’t mean that she has to release music as well.

Her song might go down as one of the most embarrassing things she’s done in her life.

Still Staying With Diamond After Rumors Of Cheating

There have been rumors of diamond cheating and yet Tanasha has opted to stay with him.

We’re sure she won’t be able to take it any more and at some point, call it quits on Diamond.

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Oh, how sad will it before her! She should see the writing on the wall. Diamond is a serial cheater!

Thinking Diamond Will Marry Her

Let’s not even debate about it. There’s no way Diamond will settle with her. He will use her, and when he is tired, he will move on to the next one.

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Too bad Nick won’t be around to provide a shoulder to cry on!

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