Have you checked up on your friend, are they okay?

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Some of your friends get high paying jobs. Others get low paying jobs or don’t get jobs at all. Others marry into money. Ultimately, these economic differences will make it incredibly difficult to maintain the friendships. 

You will find that the moneyed friends will prefer to hang out with each other. The low-income earners will also buddy up more with each other. It is not that people will deliberately cut off friends who are poorer or richer than them.

It is just that you find that you don’t relate with them anymore and it is nobody faults. Friendships with people of the same social status are easier to maintain because there is no pressure or social awkwardness.

A real friend is someone you know, like and trust. Someone who will do anything for you without question if it’s legal, and sometimes if it’ not. Someone who you feel happy to be with and who you can confide in, someone who is not judgemental but whom you can tell each other when you see them doing something you feel is wrong without discrimination.

First you get acquaintances then friends. You may have a hundred or more acquaintances and just a handful of friends. Some people never have a friend.

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It could be that they prefer their own company, don’t trust others, that they can’t let go and confide. There could be a number of reasons, usually because they feel they have been let down in the past.

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