Kenyan Lawyer Wants Sri Lanka President Held Responsible over Attack!!

Sri Lanka President (Left), and prime Minister (Right)

A Kenyan Lawyer now wants Sri Lanka President charged after details proved that the head of state had prior intelligence of the impending attacks bat sat on it.

In the report, Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena was reliably advised on the possibility of attacks as early as April 4, but he failed to divulge the information to his Prime Minister and the Cabinet for action.

Five days later, a more detailed report containing the names of the suspected terrorists and their images was brought on the President’s table. He trashed them again.

The Kenyan, who is a Corporate lawyer, now is calling for the prosecution of President Sirisena over what he terms “puerile political feuds.”

In 2018, President Sirisena kicked out his Deputy in a move that was hotly contested on the floor of Parliament.

Members of parliament would later gang up against the President to vote against his nominee.

Image result for donald kipkorir
Lawyer Donald Kipkorir (Right) and Former Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga(left)

After the Constitution reinstated deposed Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, the President would later, albeit begrudgingly, accept him back to the office.

Immediately after the bomb blasts stopped in Colombo, the Prime Minister called for a security council meeting, but none of the members appeared for the meeting.

Image result for sri lanka national mourning

This irked some of the Cabinet Ministers, even as the country sunk into a mourning mood.

While ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Sunday massacre that claimed the lives of at least 359 people and maimed some 500, a section of the Cabinet thinks the carnage could have been prevented.

Do you think the President acted with wisdom by keeping intelligence warnings from the Prime Minister?

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