3 Best Ways to Hydrate your Hair during Cold Season

Hydrated Natural Hair

It’s important to think about how to protect your natural hair from breakage and the cold weather. The cold can do some crazy things to not only your skin, but also your hair. We’ve found some tips and tricks that will help protect your hair from the cold and keep your natural hair hydrated.

Here’s 3 Best Ways To Keep Your Natural Hair Hydrated:
1. Moisturize.

You’ve probably heard this over and over again but it is vital for your hair to be completely moisturized. The first thing to do is oil before shampooing your hair. Use coconut oil, olive oil or any oil you’re comfortable with as this will serve as a treatment and help your hair from drying out. to make things easier, use a bottle to with liquid oils to make the applying process better.

Hydrated Natural Hair
2. Protective Hairstyles.

The wind and cold pulls out all the moisture from your hair leaving it brittle and dry. To protect your hair, choose a protective style that ensures all your hair is well protected. Protective styling cuts down manipulation to your hair which will prevent breakage. You can wear braids, crotchet or cornrows!

Hydrated Natural Hair
3. Deep Condition.

If you opt to leave your hair out, make sure that you deep condition your hair thoroughly. Natural deep conditioners give your hair exactly what it needs during the cold weather, penetrating every strand with moisture and nutrients. As long as you use natural deep conditioners, you’ll be keeping your hair well protected from the Nairobi cold weather.

Hydrated Natural Hair

Keep your natural hair hydrated ladies! No on wants brittle hair!

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