How ‘Possible’ Identical Twins Met Through Social Media: DNA Test Awaiting

two look-alike 19-year-old girls

A very rare story emerged on Tuesday where, two 19-year-old look alike girls met in social media precisely facebook. the have a close semblance to each other and from the physical appearance you can easily tell they are identical twins.

Both were born in Kakamega referral hospital with the only one-day difference in their birthdays, and after 19 years they miraculously re-unite. thanks to social media.

The discovery was made via Facebook when one of the twins found a lookalike’s account and convinced her mother to meet her.

The family said to have possibly had one of their twins(Sharon) switched at Kakamega hospital is awaiting DNA results to determine if their twin girls were separated at birth 19 years ago.

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The mother admitted that she delivered twins at Kakamega Hospital via cesarean section and the babies were incubated due to low birth weight but was surprised to find that they were not identical.

Her daughter’s look-alike was interestingly delivered at the same hospital a day later, bringing a one day difference in their birthdays.


The family is now suspecting that one of the twins could have been switched at birth.

“Sasa mwenzangu ananiambia wakati watoto walikaa huko miezi mbili wamama vile wananyonyeshanga usiku ni kama mama alitoa mtoto kwa sanduku yangu akaweka kwa yake ndio mtoto akatoka amefanana,” the twin girl’s mother told one media house.

The twin girls urged the hospital to help clear the doubts and if found guilty of switching them at birth compensate them.

“Kama sisi ni ma-sister, Kakamega general watakuwa wametukosea sana kwa sababu watakuwa wametutenganisha na kila mtu ameishi maisha sio yake,” one twin said.

Sharon Defends Mother

Siezi sema mamangu ni mwizi na angekuwa ameniiba angekuwa amenitesa,”

the other identified as Sharon defended her mother whom she has been living with for 19 years.

“Watu hufanana dunia hii. Nilitoka na mtoto msichana hospitali hadi kwa boma, itawezekana aje kuwa mimi nimeiba?” her mother backed her up

The family is now awaiting DNA to confirm if the twins were switched at birth.

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