How Daring Thieves Robbed High End Guns At a Police Station in Nandi County

Just how daring are some criminal elements in the Country?

As the world enjoyed Tuesday Night Champions League action between Barcelona and Manchester United, a group of criminals in Nandi County were reaping where they did not sow, a police station.

Three guns were stolen from Kamorwon AP post in Kobujoi, Nandi County after thugs reportedly broke into the armory as the officers watched the match between FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

Nandi County Commissioner Samuel Kimiti has confirmed that 3 G3 rifles and 60 bullets were stolen from Kamorwon Police Post in Aldai.

The station was left unattended after all officers went to watch a UEFA Champions League match.

On returning to the post, they discovered that the room of the officer-in-charge, which also serves as an armoury, was open. They walked in to find the steel box, in which firearms are kept, broken.

Police have launched a search to help them recover the weapons as their continued stay in the hands of civilians may lead to something tragic.

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