Inside the mind of men who abuse

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Pwani University student stabbed by KU boyfriend

Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injury to women sending over 1 million every year to doctor’s offices or emergency rooms. This violence isn’t occurring from the hands of a stranger but from the hands of the man that has said I love you.

In view of the recent domestic violence stories in the news, I decided to write this article and take you inside the mind of men that abuse.

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Many men batter because they feel, because they are tremendously dependent on the woman, because they depend on her to keep a stable sense of self-esteem for themselves, because they feel that they can’t survive without her, because they are threatened by her moves towards any kind of individual life of her own or individual thinking of her own.

Some men batter because that’s the only way they know how to be close because they are very much afraid of losing them, they’re afraid of rejection. Some men batter because of the influence of drug and alcohol abuse.

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Many men batter however because society has not sanctioned them in any kind of way and in fact many times society has given them permission to behave in a violent or abusive way towards people in their families

Group therapy is the advisable treatment for these individuals. It is important because it allows the batterer to be confronted by his peers on his behavior.  

Group Therapy focuses on weekly topics about Respect, effective communication skills, honesty, nonviolence and how to handle your emotions.

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