Corazon Kwamboka urges woman to hit the gym

corazon kwamboka nipples

Kenyan ex- socialite lawyer Corazon Kwmboka has refuted claims that she underwent surgery to have a bootylicious body.

Many have been claiming the learned friend underwent body enhancement.

“I haven’t undergone any cosmetic surgery and never thought of it,” she said,

“I think people are allowed to make any changes they want on their body if it’s by diet, gym or surgery who cares, but i personally choose to hit the gym and sculpt,”

Kwamboka has been lying low like an envelope after parting ways with her Italian bae. The sexy lawyer during the interview said, she’s now focusing on her gym wear Genio (Genie). She said;

“At this point , this will be my main focus career -wise”.

What about practicing law? She said; ‘the most legal I’ll get is giving free legal advice to my followers and maybe a few pro-bono cases.’

Corazon, who is a gym rat, went ahead to say.

“being a lover of sport and gym and a curvy size 16/18 girl, my main struggle was finding sport wear that fit me, the international brands don’t cater for us and the available local brands were either very low quality, see-through or low waist(which poses a challenge when you have to be active jumping or running at the gym. for this reason, i decided to source the best tailors and the best fabric and design and came up with my brand of sport wear, genio. it caters for women of all sizes, they are all high waisted, anti-cellulite and non-transparent at the same time super stretch.

Corazon Kwamboka, the true definition of beauty and brains advised women struggling with weight loss not to stress. She said:

“do not struggle. take it one day at a time and even if you don’t see any changes just keep on, focus on being”

Kwamboka, got admitted to the bar a few years back, and she says;

“it was just as easy and as hard as for any law student really, the hardest part i think was the bar exams”.

Though she hasn’t been publicly seen at the courts or practising, she says she has defended quite a number of cases. She said:

i started my law practice, even register a firm and went to court a number of times but now i can confidently say at the moment it’s not for me, maybe in future. i’ll stick to giving free legal advice on my instagram page.

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