10 Things To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

Packing for any trip is not a piece of cake, at least to many, you may end up underpacking or overpacking. In many occassions, I have been a victim of overpacking. Those that under-pack end up incurring expenses that could be avoided.

However, the trick is to pack smart, not light. For instance, pack sandals that can double up as slippers. This is what you need for a weekend getaway.


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Just because you’re leaving for a few days doesn’t mean you should forgo your signature scent. If you have a bulky perfume, buy the travel size and keep it in your toiletry bag.  Additionally, if you’re travelling by air, here’s how to carry your perfume.

2. A jacket

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One jacket is enough for those late nights by the balcony or at an outdoor event. Even if you’re going to a hot area, the weather gets cold during the night and you’ll need a jacket. Depending on where you are you could wear a light jacket or something heavy like a leather jacket.

I was also going to suggest a scarf for the ladies, especially if your trip is in hot climatic conditions. However scarfs can be a bit cumbersome but if you can manage, why not.

3. Toiletries

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You should have a smaller back that fits all of your toiletries so that you do not spend money buying things you should have just packed. Toiletries include toothbrush and paste, underwear, shower cap, lotion(travel size), travel tissue and wet wipes among other things deemed essential.


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Come rain or shine, a sundress is a flirty must-have outfit for a weekend getaway. You can lounge in the hotel or go out for a nice lunch with it. It’s also comfortable and gives you a break from your office clothes.


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Chances are, there will be a pool wherever you decide to take your weekend getaway. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit even if you don’t plan on taking a swim.


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This is another staple for any trip, including a weekend getaway. It’s important to protect your eyes when you’re going outdoors. Sunglasses also add some style to a simple outfit and are, generally, a great accessory.

7.Lounge Clothes

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A weekend getaway is essentially meant for lounging and unwinding. Therefore, the top of your packing list should be lounge clothes. You can pack some leggings, a baggy t-shirt, sweatpants. Make sure they are something you won’t regret being seen in.


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For shoes, you need something comfortable that you can walk around in. if you’re a sandals kind of person, make sure they’re durable and stylish. If you are the sneakers kind make sure you up to speed with trends. You can also pack a pair of elegant shoes for the evening.

9. Jeans

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You can pack a pair or two for your weekend getaway depending on your preference. Jeans hardly get dirty in the first wear so you can wear it twice. However, if you don’t have any other change of clothes, you can carry a second pair.

10.A Book or movies

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A weekend getaway might seem short but the day can drag itself if you don’t have anything to do. Bring a book that you’ve been meaning to read. Or download some movies on your tablet to watch later.

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