Woman Tried Swallowing 7 Heroin Bags After Being Caught By Police

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A woman tried to swallow seven bags of heroin that she had hidden inside herself after she was pulled over while driving, police say.

Tiffany Root, 30, was stopped by officers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Tuesday,4 April for a traffic violation, but it was later discovered that she was allegedly transporting a bevy of drugs including heroin, suboxone, and assorted pills in her car.

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Police took Root into custody and transported her to a local hospital. On the way, she tried to swallow additional bags of heroin that she had hidden inside her body and stuffed down her pants, police say.

Tiffany Root

Tiffany Root, 30, reportedly tried to eat seven bags of heroin that she had hid inside herself while being transported to an area hospital (Picture:

Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office) Root ‘attempted to destroy’ seven bags of heroin ‘by chewing/eating it,’ police wrote in an incident report.

Authorities said she was taken to the Lancaster General Hospital so that medical staff could remove the drugs ‘due to the nature of the location of some of the contraband.’

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Lancaster General Hospital

After arriving at the hospital, Root was convinced to spit out the ‘contraband’ that she tried to swallow. Lancaster Lieutenant Bill Hickey told Lancaster Online that ‘it’s not unheard of’ for people to hide drugs inside themselves.

He said police have procedures to recover the drugs, including cavity searches, but officers decided to take Root to the hospital in this case. Other than the baggies that Root had hidden in herself, police also found 15 suboxone pills, more than 70 other pills that she did not have a prescription for, $907 in cash, an electronic scale, and cut straw.

Root is being held at the Lancaster County Prison in lieu on $150,000 bail

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She was charged with seven counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and one count of tampering with evidence.

Another passenger in Root’s car, Thomas Seymour, 32, was also allegedly found with heroin and was turned over the the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office to be charged.

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