Stop! Ladies just do not text that guy a whole paragraph you may die of shock

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Welcome to 21st century love where arguments are virtual and end with ‘seen’ messages or being unfollowed on social media. When sex and relationship blogger Dami Olonisakin asked her female followers on Twitter to reveal the times they poured their heart out to men, she was inundated with very relatable examples.

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Women in their droves sent in the paragraphs and essays they texted romantic suitors. Sadly for them, a lot were met with indifference and brutal one-liners from men.

‘It’s healthy to do,’ Dami explained. ‘Opening up about how you feel to someone you’ve been romantic/sexual with is normal. We grow and learn over time who to display those feelings to. So yeah it’s cringey, but sometimes it can be necessary’.

‘I was on the phone to my friend reading a soppy love message I sent to a guy I had strong feelings for almost 10 years ago. We cringed together and laughed. It was mortifying, especially because he didn’t reply. So she asked me to get my followers to share times they too had poured their hearts out to guys who were undeserving.’

A lot of the messages were emotive and vulnerable and yet the recipient would reply with ‘okay’ or simply reveal that they already have a partner. One guy just gave the woman the option of either being ignored or blocked.

Another said it was his pride that stopped him from showing any affection. The cruellest among them replied ‘lol’ to the messages.

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