Racist Chants Against Juventus Black Player Brings Match Against Cagliari to a Brief Stop

Moise Kean reacts in front of the Cagliari fans

Racism in football is still a big problem the world needs to deal with.

A number of England players suffered racist abuse from Montenegro fans last week.

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And now there have been allegations of racism in Italy, too.

Juventus beat Cagliari 2-0 on Tuesday night as they continued their unbeaten streak in the league.

However, their 19-year-old striker, Moise Kean, was allegedly racially abused.

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It has been reported that Kean was being racially taunted throughout the game.

And, when he scored in the 85th minute, Kean decided to react.

Immediately after scoring the second and killing off the game, the Italian youngster decided to celebrate with his hands stretched outwards in front of the Cagliari fans.

Brilliant stuff from Kean. That’s exactly how you answer racist abuse.

However, his celebration only made the racist abuse even worse.

And the game was momentarily paused just minutes later as the abuse continued.

Understandably, Blaise Matuidi was not happy and he tried his best to try and get the referee to act.

It’s sad that these events are still happening.

Hopefully Cagliari fans are punished accordingly if they are found guilty of abusing Kean.

Max Allegri admitted he did not hear the chants but said those found guilty should be given a lifetime ban.

“He scored another goal and did better in the second half, whereas he got more or less everything wrong in the first half,” said Allegri, per Football-Italia.

“I didn’t hear anything from the stands, as I was focused on the game. You need great intelligence to deal with these situations and should not go to provoke people.

“That, of course, does not mean the idiots in the crowd and the way they reacted should be justified.

“As always in life, there are idiots who do stupid things and ruin it for everyone else. I don’t think talking about it all the time helps. I don’t think halting play helps, because not everyone in the stadium did that.

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“We need to use the cameras, find those who are doing it and punish them. It’s very simple, identify them and not one-year ban or two, just give them a lifetime ban.

“We’ve got the technology, it can be done if the authorities want to. The problem is, they don’t really want to.”

Matuidi also tweeted in the aftermath of the incident.

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