Revealed! How Timmy T Dat Committed Career Suicide Culminating to His Fall

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When TIMMY T  DAT came to the music scene with his hit, Welle Welle, he was destined for greatness. The Kasabun rapper breathed fresh air into the industry by bringing in a new  style  and emerged as one of the most sought after rappers  in the 254.

Timmy’s hit Welle Welle that was fresh and unique dominated chats and every DJ had to play the banger before stepping out of  the club. The song was a monster and used to play everywhere from clubs, matatus and you probably heard your next door neighbor blazing the tune.

Timmy utilized his new found fame by churning out hits after hits from  TumekubaliDus NyauTrikideKasayole just to name a few  and won the hearts of millennials. He also maximized his good body physique by stripping off   in gigs to show ladies his well chiseled abs. By doing so, he gained a considerable fan-base among ladies.

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The so called fisilets would attend Timmy’s shows and club appearances just to salivate on his muscled body. I once attended one of his club appearances at Tribeka Club in Nairobi’s CBD and bouncers had to form a ring around the muscled rapper after thirsty ladies stormed the dance-floor begging to touch his abs.

From making hits, dressing nice, unleashing erotic moves on stage like the famous Jamaica’s RDX group and showing off his well toned body, Timmy was a complete super-star.

But last year around March, Timmy committed career suicide after landing a job with NRG radio as a presenter. At that time, he was at the top of his career and dominated most of the local gigs.

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The hefty perks involved in the deal with NRG radio that has been splashing money around trying to break through  with no success   probably excited the rapper, prompting him to try his luck in the competitive radio industry without knowing that he was hurting his flourishing  music career.

Timmy started hosting a show alongside Mwalimu Rachel dubbed Transit that had poor ratings. He dumped his thriving music career and concentrated on radio. Timmy only released half-baked songs to keep him afloat in the industry. The songs didn’t make so much impact on  the airwaves.

The Kasabun rapper realized he was not destined for radio after the show’s poor ratings and quit his job at NRG radio late last year to concentrate on music. But it was too late. He had already lost a  huge fan base.

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The youthful and trendy Ethic Group from Eastlands that is behind the viral  Lamba Lolo hit took over from Timmy after he slept on his music career. The millennials Timmy had captured started lending their ears to Ethics.

The Kasabun rapper has been trying to make a comeback but the journey to reclaim back his position seems tough. He recently tried to make a major comeback by releasing a song with Redsan dubbed, Atekwe, that received little airplay.

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When you collabo with a heavy weight like Redsan and the song fails to make any impact in the airwaves, know that your music career has stalled and you need to come up with a  proper  strategy to win back your fans.

Will Timmy prove us wrong by churning out monster hits like he used to do before  and reclaim back his position as one of Kenya’s  most sought after rappers? Well, let’s wait  and see.

But the journey seems tough for now.

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