Citizen TV news anchor attacked for hiding her husband

Yvonne Okwara, citizen TV news anchor has been trolled by her fans for never exposing her husband, Andrew Matole. While celebrating her birthday, she shared a photo of flowers which her husband had presented to her.

She captioned the photo; “This man knows the way to my heart! White lilies get me. Every time.” A fan asked her why she hides her husband that much. He asked; “Will you ever share the pictures of your husband Matole? You seem to hide him so much.”

When celebrating International women’s day, she also shared a photo of her and her husband holding hands but didn’t reveal the face. She captioned it; “As we celebrate women’s month, I celebrate the great man who stands beside me, always! A self assured, confident, intelligent, witty, successful man!”

Responding to her fans why she hides her husband, she said; “Haha. I don’t hide him. He is a grown man! He can put up his pictures  when he wants to. I don’t control his social media. This is my page not his.”

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