Speaker Muturi sends a harsh warning to Ruto and Tangatanga crusaders

The speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has decided to weigh into the on-going war against the Investigative body.

The war specifically aimed at DCI Kinoti has been in a couple of days being propagated by the Deputy President William Ruto and the Tanga Tanga Team.

But Muturi has said enough is enough.

Speaker Justin Muturi has warned the politicians against attacking public servants in public, especially presidential appointees such as DCI George Kinoti.

The assertion of the speaker was also echoed by the Kalenjin Council of Elders which also warned politicians against criticizing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s appointees.

“When politicians make scathing attacks on defenseless public servants, it is interpreted to mean they have no respect to the authority that appointed them to such positions,” asserted Muturi.

The message was seemingly directed to DP Ruto and his allies who have come out recently to accuse and criticize DCI Kinoti telling him to keep off investigations of corruption since they fell under the mandate of the EACC.

Muturi, however, believes that the establishment of the criticism against the high ranking public servant is not only an act of bad faith but also one that puts the country into an electioneering mood way ahead of 2022.

The speaker wondered why the legislators in the country would not raise issues of any grievances they may have in parliament instead of raising their voices at rallies and funerals.

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