‘Hiyo bond sisi kama faithful will meet even by the Sunday school offerings..!’,,Ng’ang’a released on bond after charge

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TELEVANGELIST JAMES Ng’ang’a has been charged with threatening to kill journalist Linus Kaikai and incitement to violence

The preacher is out on Sh 200,000 cash bail.

He was arrested on Sunday evening after a video of him threatening Citizen TV Director of Strategy and Innovation, Linus Kaikai went viral.

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“wewe kijana wachana na mambo zako… na kama umeingia laini ya Pastor Ng’ang’a, my friend you will face the consequences…wewe utakimbia tu (Young man, stop your nonsense. If you’ve decided to cross Pastor Ng’ang’a’s line, my friend you will face the consequences. You will have to run),” the preacher said in his short clip.

His sentiments drew condemnation from the public, with journalists calling for his arrest.

Pastor Ng’ang’a was annoyed by the anchor’s suggestion that pastors needed academic qualifications to run a church

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“Kwanza nashukuru wale ambao hawajui kusoma kwa sababu mbinguni hatuendi na masomo. Hakuna degree itapima milango ya mbinguni na vile vile niwapongeze wale mumesoma –you are doing good- mumefanya vizuri.”

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