Sugar companies in war over re-introduction of cane zoning

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Business is a very competitive field where the wise survive by responding wisely and taking advantage of the existing environment in their favor.

In leveling the ground for competition,two Busia sugar companies have differed over plans to re-introduce cane zoning of sugar factories amid a fierce battle over control of cane in the region.

Busia Sugar Industry (BSI) and farmers contracted by the company supports zoning whereas its rival West Kenya Sugar Company strongly opposes zoning.

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Hussain Kaka, the operations manager at Busia Sugar Industry has accused West Kenya of having a hidden agenda.

He alleged that the rival miller was trying to monopolise the industry and to kill other millers by not opting for regional zoning.

“BSI supports zoning on a regional basis, due to numerous advantages it comes along with in helping revive the struggling sugar sector,” Kaka said.

West Kenya farmers, on the other hand, insist that they should have freedom and liberty to sell their produce where they wish if at all the industry is to be revived.

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