Exposed! Joho’s daughter determined her dowry price

Mombasa governor, Ali Hassan Joho’s elder brother Abubakar Joho’s daughter,Kulthum, got married at a prestigious wedding. Her husband,
Haikal Onsongo paid her dowry worth sh. 250.

Abubakar, who is a super rich business man was thought to have asked for the little bride price because of his great wealth. However, it has been said that Kulthum determined her own bride price.

According to Islamic teachings, a bride has the biggest say on what is to be paid as dowry. Kulthum, did not want to be perceived as enriching herself through her husband, and settled on the modest dowry. She informed her father about the dowry and he agreed.

Chief Kadhi Ahmed Mohdhar says dowry is a symbol of commitment, not the price of the bride; “Customs and traditions majorly impact on the amount to be paid.”

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