Haters! Ati Kylie Jenner’s Make Up Looks Like Michael Jackson

Poor Kylie Jenner has been targeted by cruel trolls who claim her make-up looks like Michael Jackson.

The newly crowned billionaire loves a red lip and a lined eye as much as the rest of us

But some nasty types reckon her beauty routine makes her a dead ringer for Michael Jackson.

“Sometimes I see pictures of Kylie Jenner and I have to do a double take bc I think it’s Michael Jackson,” commented one on Twitter .

“Kylie Jenner looks like Michael Jackson,” agreed another.

Cruel trolls have compared Kylie’s make-up to Jacksons 

“The more I look at her the more Kylie Jenner looks like Michael Jackson,” added a fourth and yet another concurred, “Am I the only one that thinks Kylie looks more and more like Michael Jackson?????”

Comedian David Spade was all over it when one Instagram user uploaded a rather terrifying portrait of Jackson by Sebastian Krueger.

Twitter users reckon Kylie and Jackson look a lot alike (Image: Twitter)
Not everyone likes her makeup (Image: Twitter)
We can’t see the resemblance (Image: Twitter)

“Early tests shots for Kylie Jenner,” he joked in reference not to her looks, but to her make-up range.

And his fans were loving it.

“Alright, everyone, let’s go home. David Spade has won the internet for today,” one commented.

Kylie is a billionaire. A billionaire. (Image: Daily Record)

“I can’t stop laughing at David Spade’s comment!” added another.

Both Kylie and Jackson have been in the news for two very different reasons this week.

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