Ruto’s Allies Got No Where to Run to as Uhuru Guards Both the Gates of “Heaven & Hell”

President Uhuru Kenyatta has recently had to put on a brave face even as he continues to keep his promise on the war on corruption.

The head of state has time and again said that he is ready to loose friends and make more enemies if that is what it will take for his administration to completely deal with corruption.

He has indeed made a number of friends but his enemies list seem to be running out of space.

Members of Parliament allied to Deputy President William Ruto have claimed that Uhuru’s ongoing war on corruption is aimed at their Big man Ruto and members of his community.

Uhuru has termed this allegations baseless.

He even went ahead to caution Politicians to desist from making useless remarks on corruption at Funerals and other ceremonies since this will not help them in any way.

He has also called on those attempting to blackmail him to book an appointment with DCI George Kinoti if they have evidence he has stolen anything or involved in graft.

“So this issue of people complaining every day should stop. I saw another person complain that I have stolen from someone. My advice to the aggrieved person is that they should walk to Karura and report o the DCI offices what I have stolen,” he said in Kiswahili.

He said he won’t be intimidated by those threatening or blackmailing him in funerals.

“Huyo mtu ambaye amekufa hatakuasidia (The deceased will not be of help to you,” Uhuru said.

“Go there [DCI] and present your case and say Uhuru has stolen this or that. No one is preventing you from doing that,” he said.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi and other Rift Valley politicians on Sunday said the President and ODM leader Raila Odinga are using the fight against corruption to harass innocent Kenyans especially those allied to Ruto.

He went ahead to claim that Uhuru is one of the most corrupt individuals in the Country. Well, Uhuru has now broken his silence and urged him to go to relevant agencies and report.

It however seems like Sudi will not be visiting the DCI anytime soon after the claimed that the DCI is Uhuru and Uhuru is the DCI.

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