I am Not That! Mishi Dora Dismisses Bisexual claims


Socialite-cum-actress Mishi Dora posted photos featuring her in compromising position with other women. Thecontrovversial photos triggered an uproar in social media as people rushed to conclude that she is bisexual.

She has refuted viral rumors that she is a bisexual.

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Dressed in a tight white high-slit dress, the pictures showed the other woman holding and looking at her suggestively.

In yet another photograph, a different woman held her bottom seductively, prompting the rumour mill to go on overdrive.

Speculations, thereafter, swirled that Dora – besides being sexually attracted to men –, is also eyeing fellow women.

The mother-of-one, however, has come out to vehemently deny the allegations.

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Speaking in an interview, Dora said she remains sexually attracted to men only.

“Why would I lay women yet there are many men chasing after me? I am completely straight, at least sexually.  The rumors claiming I am gay are baseless, and I am really disappointed in the people propagating them,” Dora said.

The actress says the women pictured in the controversial photographs were her friends, and that they [images] were taken during a photo-shoot.

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