DK Kwenye beat speaks on his comeback in the music scene

Kenyan Gospel Artist DK Kwenye Beat has spoken out on his comeback in gospel music industry.

This comes weeks after he was linked to a threesome scandal that forced him toe send out a public apology for his actions.

DK Kwenye Beat says that the backslash has made him to come out stronger and serve as a testimony to others.

Speaking to Mseto East Africa, the Singer also said that being an artist, he has not stopped hitting the studio and has since recorded a couple songs.

DK will be featured in Guardian Angel’s new song and he believes that once it is out, people will be wowed by the message.

Speaking on his personal songs and when people should expect his tracks, DK Kwenye Beat said that he will release his song when he feels that he is ready.

He however maintains that he is still a minister of God word and he will continue to serve and share the message of Christ.

He also believes that what God has planned for him will not be halted by the backlash he faced.

DK also did not want to comment on whether he solved the issue with the lady and whether there is any legal action that has been taken.

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