Rapper King Kaka offers a royal reward to a loyal fun-video

Rapper King Kaka

Local rapper, King Kaka has rewarded his loyal fan.

King Kaka was supper thrilled by the fan who got a permanent tattoo in honor of the ‘Eastlando Royalty’ rapper, a gesture of his undying devotion to King Kaka.

Here is the deal.

He rewarded his fan with VIP access to all his gigs and every 6 months the fan will receive a Kaka Empire Gift hamper for the next 3 years.

Eastlando Royalty is King Kaka’s fifth studio album and was released on 30th November 2018 at Uhuru Gardens.

King Kaka had initially recorded 40 tracks from which he narrowed down to 17 for the album.

According to Kaka, the album’s name was inspired by Nairobi’s Eastlands a place where he grew up. He went on to say that the reason behind Eastlando Royalty is to inspire young people who are out there struggling to make ends meet that one day things shall be well.

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