How DPP Haji is working to retrieve 16B pocketed by top bras

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji yesterday revealed that his office is investigating 88 cases in which Sh16 billion cannot be accounted for since  April last year.

Of the cases include 16 worth Sh16 billion, 17 worth Sh658.9 million that range from Sh10 million to Sh99 million, 10 cases worth Sh65.9 million that ranger from Sh1 million to Sh9 million and three cases worth Sh1.3 million.

Consequently, Haji also disclosed that since April 2018 to last month,  his office has handled 338 anti-corruption cases whose proceedings are ongoing adding that so far, they have secured 22 convictions, 19 acquittals and six withdrawals.

Appearing before the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) chaired by William Cheptumo, Haji said they are also in consultation with Attorney General Paul Kihara to prepare regulations that will facilitate the recovery of money stashed in foreign accounts outside the country.

The recovered money he said will be kept in a special fund which, together with Kihara, are in the process of finalising with regulations on how it will be managed.

He added that Family Bank, which was fined Sh64 million for acts of omission in the National Youth Service (NYS) scam has paid the fine with Sh24 million being taken to NYS.

Haji said the ongoing corruption cases require more prosecutors to handle so that justice can be dispensed quickly.

In addition, he said he is keen on changing the organisational structure of his office which include setting up of proceeds of crime recovery unit, inspectorate unit, victims and witness facilitation unit and internal affairs unit. Accompanied by officers from his office, Haji said corruption cases require more prosecutors to handle them so that justice can be dispensed off quickly.

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