Kenyan man in distress calls on government rescue from Dubai

One Kenyan man is at the verge of losing another job opportunity in Yemen, having his passport and those of his family confiscated in Dubai over sh1.5 million rent arrears.

Mwaura Muteria who hails from Murang’a is seeking for government assistant together with his family after the foreign authorities held their passports over the rent arrears.

Mr. Muteria admitted to defaulting on the rent payments after he lost his job in 2016.

According to Mr Muteria, the company he was working with then as a project manager terminated his contract without notice hence the financial problems.

It is then that things quickly went downhill for him and the family. He opted to stay in the foreign country and fend for his family but could not however cover the rent starting 2017. He is said to have written bad checks to the landlord.

He would later return to Kenya and upon his return to Dubai, the landlord had filed a criminal case against him.

“I pleaded guilty and prayed to be released against my passport so that I could look for a job and start paying the money owed to the landlord. However, I have not been fortunate to get a job in the last three years,” he told the daily.

In February 2018, things were looking up for Muteria who landed a job with Oxfam International as a security advisor.

This did not last long, he noted.

“Though we had paid part of our rent in cash, the landlord told me that all legal fees and the returned cheques must be paid in full before he withdraws the case and travel ban on my name. They are claiming about Sh1.5 million. I have no ability to raise this amount and we are seeking assistance to offset the bill,” he continued.

He further divulged that their residence visas are expiring this week, which the daily explains means they might be forced to pay immigration overstay fines of up to Sh2,000 unless they exit the country within seven days.

“I have no ability to raise this amount and we are seeking assistance to offset the bill,” he lamented.

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