Anytime Is Ugali Time, The Price Reduction Says It All

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We can now get a 2 kilogram of maize flour below Ksh90, thanks to the increased supply of maize as farmer who missed out on selling their harvest to the government have released the grain to the market.

The influx of grain in the market has subdued buying price of a 90-kilogramme bag from a high of Sh2,100 last month to Sh1,800 currently.

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This has slashed cost of maize flour with a two-kilogramme packet of the commodity selling at between Sh85 and Sh86 in all the major supermarkets, down from an average of Sh95 in December.

The government vetted a handful of farmers to supply two million bags of maize to the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB), out of the total 40 million that were harvested in the last season.

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“Farmers who did not make it to NCPB have rushed to release their stocks hence flooding the market.

“This has resulted to a decline of both the flour and maize prices,” said United Grain Millers Association chairperson Peter Kuguru Monday.

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A two-kilo packet of Jogoo is now retailing at Sh87, Pembe Sh85, Soko Sh85 and Kifaru Sh85 with the premium brand, Hostess, now retailing at Sh123 from a high of Sh137 previously.

The Cereal Millers Association also attributed the falling prices on high supply of maize in the market.

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