Man Offers To Sell His Sperm for 21K Online!

With how tough the economy is, people are willing to sell anything they have to make a quick buck.

So you can only imagine how Social media users were left in stitches after a photo was shared which showed a man quite a peculiar business venture.

The man is selling his sperm, with prices ranging from KSh 3500 to KSh 21000 depending on what the lady is looking for.

Isn’t Bundle of Jokes supposed to be our National Meme?😦 he’s even selling sperms to flood the the country with Meme Puppies😦😦..but ke i will download Advovo— Xhosa is 🔥🔥🇿🇦 (@TakaTina1) February 22, 2019

Meanwhile, the young man is not the only guy who wanted to help women conceive, particularly in South Africa. A 62- year old married man also recently came forward to offer ladies his seed as a way of increasing his offspring.

The former maths teacher has fathered 65 children since 2013, and he said he won’t stop until he has 100 kids.

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