Believe Chelsea- Kepa will be dismissed

Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga refused to be replaced by the Ligacup final against Manchester City, and on the sidelines Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri was powerless.

The Italian was furious and wanted Kepa out to be replaced by Willy Caballero. At one point he was on his way out of Wembley before turning and coming back to the bench.

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  • These were absurd scenes. It does not happen in a wardrobe where it is just the joy and the fun. It is a sign that not everything is as it should be in the Chelsea wardrobe, says TV 2’s football expert Jesper Mathisen.

Sarri later explained that it was all a big misunderstanding , but that the Spanish goalkeeper reacted to the prey in the wrong way.

Sarri rallied for goalkeeper mutiny – lost the final on penalties
Sarri rallied for goalkeeper mutiny – lost the final on penalties
Kepa says to the club’s website after the match that it was a misunderstanding and that he would not go against Maurizio Sarri.

Many have argued that Kepa is being wrecked for Wednesday’s big game against Tottenham, but Sarri himself says he must talk to the keeper first. Mathisen believes the Chelsea manager has to put in Caballero.

  • I think fast Kepa is sitting on the bench against Tottenham. If Sarri does not, he will lose even more respect. He must set an example. Not just for Chelsea, but for the whole world. Kepa pisses on his own manager when he refuses to be replaced. I think a goalkeeper change takes place, he says.
  • No way back for Kepa
    Chelsea legend John Terry thinks Kepa was in the wrong way.
  • This is definitely not the end of the case. This overshadows a really good Chelsea match. As soon as the numbers reach the fourth-quarter board, you have to get off the track. As a player you have to show respect. I understand he doesn’t want to, because it’s final and that may have told the medical device that he’s fine. I understand the frustration, but you have to deal with that, says former Chelsea captain and current Aston Villa assistant at Sky Sports .

Disrespectful from @kepa_46.

Humiliation for Sarri.— Borak Bola (@borakbola) February 25, 2019

  • How does Caballero feel after this? Can he train with Kepa again? How can Sarri stand in the wardrobe and expect him to listen? There is no way back for Kepa, says the former Chelsea striker at the BBC .

Sutton also believes that teammates should have pulled Kepa off the pitch.

City won the Carbao cup this afternoon but apparently Kepa is still on the pitch. Sarriously. @MTAGpodcast #CaraboaCupFinal #CHEMCI— The Chief (@ilChief10) February 25, 2019

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